Command Line Options

The CLI uses getopt to parse the command line options so the short or long versions may be used and the long options may be truncated to the shortest unambiguous abbreviation.

Executable Options

--version, -v

Display version

--help, -h

Display help text

--input, -i <filename>

input file name

--output, -o <filename>

output file name

Command line executable return codes:

0. convert successful

Mode Options

--wakati, -w

wakati gaki mode


furigana mode

Conversion Options

These switch alphabets are derived from original Kakasi.


How convert Katakana to: a,H,None


How convert Hiragana to: a,K,None


How convert Kanji to: a,H,K,None


How convert ASCII Roman to: E,None


How convert JIS Roman to: a,None

Each character means character sets as follows:

 Character Sets
a: ascii  j: jisroman  g: graphic  k: kana
(j,k     defined in jisx0201)
E: kigou  K: katakana  H: hiragana J: kanji
(E,K,H,J defined in jisx0208)

Behavior Options


Output characters in uppercase


Capitalize first roman character of each words

--space, -s

Insert space character between words

--roman, -r <h|k|p>

Roman word conversion rule it takes following keywords:

- h: hepburn
- k: kunrei
- p: passport
--separator, -S <character>

Specify separator character for inserting between words